Oldrich Horak, Ruzova 149, Podebrady 29001  tel: +420 608 334 646   e-mail: lkny@email.cz

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Airfield data

        The Nymburk airfield is a private registered airfield for ultralight airplanes but every respectable aviator is most welcome with his flying machine. Certified "adult" aircrafts arrivals - prior permission of airfield operator or head of air traffic (by e-mail or by phone). In english call head of air traffic Mr.Rajtmajer - tel: 00420 602888361 or write please an email to lkny@email.cz or to  robert.rajtmajer@seznam.cz . No landing fees! 

Airfield operator :

bulletOldrich HORAK,  Ruzova 149,  Podebrady 29001
bulletmob: +420 608 334 646   

e-mail : lkny@email.cz

Head of air traffic :

bulletIng.Robert RAJTMAJER, Podebrady
bulletmob: +420 602 888 361

e-mail : robert.rajtmajer@seznam.cz

Final runway 09   Final runway 27

Airfield data :

Name of airfield "Letiste Nymburk" ( LKNY, LKNY-U)
Coordinates ARP  N 50˚1009"  E 015˚0308"   (WGS-84)
Position 1,5km SSE of town Nymburk
Elevation ELEV 186m / 610 ft

asphalt 600m x 15m (TORA=550m, TODA=600m, ASDA=600m, LDA=550m)

RWY 09 - 27 ( 087º - 267º MAG2010 )

Call sign, frequency NYMBURK RADIO  123.465 (in case of no response - transmit blind)
Traffic patterns preferential SOUTH patterns (RWY09 RIGHT, RWY27 LEFT),   1.400 ft AMSL
Operation hours non-regular, on request
Seasonal availability Year-round. Runway snow cleanings by local traffic needs and operator possibilities.
Fuel, oil gasoline unleaded NATURAL 95 without biocomponents, oils TTS, R4 on request
Services and facilities small repair works available, Wi-Fi internet for pre-flight briefing -  free of charge, warm and cold drinks, snacks,  we can find out for You suitable hotel near by, hangar space for visiting aircrafts limited - on request at airfield operator or at head of air traffic
Traffic conditions, restrictions

   DO NOT FLY OVER VILLAGES NEAR BY THE AIRFIELD - if not essential for air traffic safety! The Nymburk airfield is situated below Military TMA CASLAV (2000ft AMSL - FL125). About 1,5km N of the airfield beginns temporary reserved area LK TRA 62 (3000ft AMSL - FL245) and about 11km NE of airfield is another temporary reserved area TRA61 (GND-FL95), they use to be activated by AUP. Approx 5km west of the airfield is situated east boundary of MTMA II Kbely - begins at 2500 ft AMSL.

   When the wind is from SE - S be aware of the possibility of severe turbulence or wind-shear on final RWY 09.

   Be aware of possible deer on runway.

   The field is also often used by modellers.

   The road west of airfield (RWY 09 ARR, RWY 27 DEP) should be overflown at least at 10m AGL (wheel height).

Basic map - middle of the Czech republic

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Source: www.mapy.cz

Lower airspace around Nymburk airfield

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Source: The ANS of Czech republic

Traffic patterns at Nymburk (SOUTH prefered)

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