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  XXVI. aircrafts "Fly-in" Nymburk 2016 ... Saturday, June 4th 2016

In the year 2016 went through the 26th.Fly-in Nymburk on  Saturday, June 4th 2016 . Unfortunately a fatal crash of one visitors aircraft finished the programm.


First time over Nymburk...WW2 soviet fighter aircraft Jakovlev JAK-3

Jak-3 Sopwith Camel

Fokker Dr.1

 "Red Baron"

2x JAS-39 Gripen Bücker 131 Scorpion sightseeings

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  XXV. aircrafts "Fly-in" Nymburk 2015 

Martin Sonka 2x JAS-39 Gripen Mi-17 (CZAF) Bücker 131 Sopwith Camel sightseeings sightseeings L-13TJ Blanik

   More pictures you can find at fotogallery

Here is the  airshow video:

mp4 file, 1280 x 720 pix , duration 5:46 min, size 88,0 MB


Airshow partners:


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  XXIV. aircrafts "Fly-in" Nymburk 2014 

The 2014 "Fly-in" of aircrafts with the airshow went through on Saturday,  May 31st, 2014 !

Mil Mi-17 Bücker 131 Sopwith Camel Jenny sightseeing flights Scorpion jet model

Pictures from the XXIV."Fly-in" Nymburk 2014 are available at the "Photogallery". Working on video.

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  The XXIII. aircrafts "Fly-in" Nymburk 2013

Even in really rainy weather conditions went through on Saturday, June 1st 2013...aerobatics by Zlin Z-526M, Czech Air Force Gripens and rescue helicopter W-3A Sokol, historical airplane, sightseeing flights,....

Z-526M aerobatics

Robinson R-22 historical aircrafts

Czech Air Force

Czech Air Force


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  The XXII. aircrafts "Fly-in" Nymburk 2012

Already 22nd. Fly-in Nymburk went through on Saturday, June 2nd, 2012


Camel vs. Bugatti Fokker E.III L-13 TJ vírníky An-2

    In total 68 airplanes, ultralights, autogyros and helicopters, almost 2000 visitors joined the 22nd Fly-in at Nymburk. During the Airshow you could see The Martin Kindernay´s Flying circus with Sopwith Camel vs. Fokker E.III dogfight and Bugatti vs. Camel races, next beautifull aerobatics by Mr.Ponizil on Zlin Z-526F, jet glider L-13TJ Blanik, autogyros, parajumpers, air modellers and so on. The ground program was aimed for all famillies ... competitions and attractions for kids, sightseeing flights, hangarparty.

 VIDEO ... UL planes meeting Nymburk  02 JUN 2012!

wmv file for Windows Media Player 360 x 288 pix , duration 6:04 min, 18,8 MB

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  The XXI. aircrafts "Fly-in" Nymburk 2011

The traditional Nymburk Fly-in with air-show ran on Saturday, 4.th June 2011


Sopwith Camel Robinson R-44 L-13 TJ 2x JAS-39 Gripen Baloon

 VIDEO ... UL planes meeting Nymburk  04 JUN 2011!

wmv file for Windows Media Player 360 x 288 pix , duration 7:02 min, 25,1 MB

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 The XX. aircrafts "Fly-in" Nymburk 2010

The 20.th anniversary "Fly-in" took place on  Saturday, June 5th, 2010  !

Fokker vs. Camel Bugatti vs. Jenny W-3A Sokol JAS-39 Gripen MD-520 Balloon

    Already twentieth "Fly-in" of ultralights and aircrafts took place at the Nymburk airfield. In the Air-Show performed The Martin Kindernay´s flying circus twice the air combat of WW1 airplanes (triplane Fokker Dr.1 vs. Sopwith Camel) and the biplane Curtiss Jenny raced with a nice oldtimer Bugatti T35 made in 1927. The Czech Air Force showed modern supersonics JAS-39 Gripen, the striker L-159 Alca, the transport helicopetr Mi-8 flew-by and the utility helicopter W-3A Sokol performed fire-fighting with BAMBI-BUCKET device. Two ultralights competed to "shoot down" small balloons by their propellers, ten of parajumpers left by parachute the L-410 Turbolet turbo-prop, his art of flying showed also modellers and a hot-air baloon with 5 female passengers departed in the evening. Almost whole day an unique MD-520 helicopter carried on sightseeing flights and a fleet of three-wheelers visited us afternoon. Kids could play at many attractions and competed for small prices. The FLEXI-BAND was on the evening program and played till late night. The weather was beautifull - sunny and calm. A few of first pictures you may see at the section "Fotogallery".

    In total there were more than 100 ultralights, airplanes and rotorcrafts of visitors from the whole Czech Republic and from Germany as well nearly 50 local ultralights and also number of aircrafts in the airshow. There was still something to see. We hope that also next time we edit an attraractive program for flyers, for public and that the wheater will be alike this year´s. The next "Fly-in" we prepare for Saturday, June 4th 2011.

 VIDEO ... UL planes meeting Nymburk  5.6.2010!

wmv file for Windows Media Player 360 x 288 pix , duration 4:51 min, 17,1 MB

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 The UL Planes meeting Nymburk  2009 ... On the boat to Podebrady!

 2009, June 6.th

Sopwith Camel

Fokker Dr.1

The flying bike

JAS-39 Gripen



 VIDEO ... UL planes meeting Nymburk  6.6.2009!

wmv file for Windows Media Player 360 x 288 pix , duration 5:41 min, 17,2 MB

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 UL Planes meeting Nymburk  31.5. - 1.6.2008....FLY FOR GOULASH!!!

 The short movie from the Air meeting 2008 !!!

the movie is formated WMV for Windows Media Player, 320 x 240 pix , 42 MB

The pictures are located at the FOTOGALLERY !